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Historically, OpenFlyers application has been developed for aircraft booking (plane, ULM, helicopters, gliders, etc.) by internet. Today, the application offers the possibility to access online to all functionalities which are necessary to the daily management of an aeronautical structure.

With more than 250 aeronautical structures and 15 000 users-pilots, OpenFlyers is the French leader for aeronautical management solutions since 2003.


Locate live your aircraft and archive the routes.


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Access Control

Control the access to your aircraft without intervening personally thanks to fully automated keypanels.

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Features for your activity:

Counter management

Capability to define a different meter type for each aircraft (minutes, tenths or hundredths).

Ephemeris calculation

Also calculation of the aeronautical day/night.

Direct matching of plane position

Allows to display, from the OpenFlyers platform, positions transmitted via internet by a GPS, such as the AeroBox.

Automatic flight time computation

Using formulas set by the structure.

Carburetor icing risk highlighted

Directly in the METARs and possibility to display the corresponding icing risk abacus.

E-logbook for pilots

Flight planning

Weather observations and forecasts

Weather informations are displayed directly on the booking planning page. Station customization.
Features Overview